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I have a headache.

i do

one day left till the wedding... yay!!!

sean's birthday

today is sean's birthday. in other news, i have my wedding dress, my headpiece is in the works, and i now i have shoes. and i'm applying for graduation. yay!
I'm getting a diamond ring for Christmas.
I want a diamond ring for Christmas.


I went to an alpaca expo yesterday. Alpacas are so cute! Sean took tons of pictures and I bought alpaca yarn. I'm knitting something for myself this time. A scarf I think. SO THERE, people!

Yeah. Just gotta finish the beanie I'm knitting for Sean first... heh.

the HPV vaccine for men?

I got this tip from a stranger online so I can't vouch for its veracity, but according to him men can get the Gardasil series of HPV vaccine shots at the Adult Industry Medical clinic (www.aim-med.org) in Sherman Oaks for $150 per shot. My anonymous source said he got the shots there himself, and he is 34 years old.

My vaccinations are $120 per shot and they are covered by insurance... but I'm a woman in the target age group. Good luck to all the guys out there who want to protect themselves and the women in their lives!


Once Jeff told me that if I really wanted to kill myself I should drive off an overpass.

Well. Now I can say that I've been there and tried that. Hit the guard rail head on, and surprise! Those dinky looking things are strong. Not even a dent. Totaled the car, got some nice bruises, stopped traffic for a bit and a helicopter came to check it out...

But I'm not dead. I'm not even seriously injured. That's good because I wasn't trying to kill myself. I do remember thinking, "So this is what it feels like when you're about to die," but then the car stopped moving and I grabbed my backpack and made a dash for it because I saw smoke and didn't want to be a part of it.

I wonder if I was on the news.


Oh yeah, some fuckbag drove past the accident and said "Hey, do you guys know what time it is?" That person is gonna rot in hell. Like... what the FUCK?
Went to a Chinese wedding reception last night with Sean... It was impressive. They served a ten course meal. I think.

1. Chicken, barbeque pork, duck, and some other kind of pork.
2. Shrimp with sesame-candied walnuts.
3. Scallops.
4. Shark fin soup.
5. Abalone with deep sea starfish.
6. Lobster.
7. Peking duck skin with little pieces of meat and little bread things and sauce and little onion things.
8. Peking duck.
9. Fried rice.
10. Some kind of fish.

Then they served some kind of dessert soup with a black bean base and other kinds of beans and vegetables.

And then there was wedding cake.

So if you count both desserts that was 12 courses. Hot damn.

Aug. 8th, 2006

so, so, so in love...